Fashion Hairstyle in 2014 - Low Ponytail - 1

The Fashion Statement Hairstyle in 2014 – The Low Ponytails

Ponytails have seldom ever been recognized as a hairstyle as they are casually worn all the time and are evergreen irrespective of the season, occasion, etc. However casual they may be, ponytails too change with the seasonal and annual trends and keep changing their forms from time to time. The new prevailing trend in ponytails 2014 is wearing it low. Low ponytails are hassle free, sumptuous and very easy to […]

Haircuts Fit For Young Cute Boys - The Shaggy Haircut - 13

Haircuts Fit For Young Cute Boys

Young boys are so energetic and full of fun and everything from their dress to shoes to their hairstyle should reflect the fun factor. Choosing the best suited haircut for your boy ranging from long spikes to curly hair should be chosen according to face type, type of hair and the personality of the future hunk. Some commonly cherished haircuts are listed below to choose from The Textured Haircut This […]

Popular Hairstyles for Teenagers in 2014 - Long Layered Hairstyle - 12

Popular Hairstyles for Teenagers in 2014

When it comes to teenagers, they simply love to experiment with new things and styles and look hip and chic almost all the time. Hairstyles loved by teenagers include from razor cuts hairstyles to highlights, pixies, crop cuts to half shaved cuts as well. Teenagers are one group that will wear it all in any way possible. Well if you are a teenager and love the thought of trying out […]

Pompadour Hairstyles - 8

Modern Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour hairstyles are considered iconic for men and it several different variations are worn by men all the world over. Pompadour hairstyles have a unique history of its own which sets it different from other men hairstyles besides the wide population that proudly wear the hairstyle. The name pompadour was given to this style after the name of King Louis XV’s mistress, Madame de Pompadour. As evident initially this hairstyle […]

Shades of Hair Color Trends - 2014 - 14

Try Out These Hot Hair Color Shades on Your Short Locks This Year

We have been discussing lot about different hairstyles, different haircuts and hair types; however one thing we sort of missed was the hair color that is in vogue this year. Hairstyles or haircuts are never complete without giving your hair a special hue of color that not only highlights a personality but adds on elegance, grace and beauty in any woman. There have been a lot of different hot hair […]

Straight and Thick Hair - 14

How to Easily Wear 4 Different Types of Hair

Curly Hair Best Thing The best quality of curly hair is that vivacious and bold curls come naturally to you and sporting rebellious looks comes very easily to you. Challenge Curly hairs are very willful and can easily take a life of their own if certain boundaries are not et for them. Ideal Cut A shoulder dusting cut is the ideal one for curly hair. Shorter cuts than that can […]

Charming Asian Men Hairstyles - 2

Charming Asian Men Hairstyles to Enhance Their Personalities

Asian men will largely be seeing the same trend as last year being followed into 2014 as well, owing largely to the versatility and grace they offer to all types of face cuts and complexion. It is the dream of every man to look smart and handsome and for the purpose is ready to sport charming Asian men hairstyles that contribute to their personalities. The reason why these hairstyles have […]

Trendy Hairstyles Men  2014 - Messy Slick Haircut - 6

Trendy Hairstyles Men Can Sport in 2014

The haircut fashion scene seems to be changing slightly year after year and what was in vogue five years back has disappeared completely, such is the hair fashion trends. As far as trendy hairstyles men are concerned, this year a lot of popular haircuts last year are again seen in vogue however with slight to clear modifications. Mainly short men haircuts are thought to prevail this year however some slightly […]

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Pixie Hairstyles for Every Face Cut

There is no shortage of women who prefer short haircuts compared to long hairstyles. This preference can be due to laziness, as long hair requires a lot of maintenance or partly because on some people short hair look more elegant and beautiful compared to long hair. Among several short hairstyles and cuts, pixie hairstyle is one that is very famous and has been tried out numerous times by several celebrities. […]

Best Hairstyle for Round Face Women - 12

Preferable Round Face Hairstyles to Wear This Season

Round faces along with imparting an ever fresh look and youthfulness that does not fade easy, as much as round faces reflect the coming of age, at times they can also prevent the achievement of having a classy and sophisticated look. Although one can try out some different hair lengths and designs to find the perfect round face hairstyles for a face, however the best way to counter a round […]